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Cannot publish community translate.

Александр Петров 6 years ago updated by Stefan Furcht (Programmer) 6 years ago 6

If I trying to publish my translate (to steam or local), some text (I think the error message) is displayed in red, and then the publish dialog quickly closed.

Publish is unsuccessful. I cannot read this text, because dialog closed very fast.

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Steam Public
Satisfaction mark by Александр Петров 6 years ago

Text "Please Fix Errors:"

Colons suggests an explanation. I do not see the detail error.

Finaly translate was published.

But this does not negate the incomprehensible error message. And I would have expected some sort of confirmation of publication and not simply close the window.

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this is a small oversight, it always shows this text "Please fix errors:" while there are no errors in fact.
So all should work fine.
However to publish your local translation to a steam workshop you need to set the "Publish Type" dropdown box to "Steam Workshop (Public)".
Only then your translation is uploaded and made visible to all players.

Hope this helps! :)

We fixed now the red text "Please fix errors:" in case there is no error.
I agree a confirmation dialogue would be better, however the best confirmation is to check your own work shp items and see if it was updated according to your wishes.

Completed - Resolved

Since the issues are fixed I am putting this one to complete.