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Save & option menu appearing mostly out of screen to the left

Dikson 6 years ago updated by Stefan Furcht (Programmer) 6 years ago 6

CPU: i5 6500

GPU: GTX970 (driver: 376.33)

RAM: 16gb

OS: Win10 64bit

Resolution: 2560x1080 (21:9 ultrawide)

It happens twice during campaign mission 1&2. I am guessing it may be related to camera rotation (middle mouse), cut scenes and maybe 21:9 resolution.

The Esc menu is fine but I am unable to save or change options because the windows are mostly out of screen to the left.

Once the bug is triggered the menus stay to the left until I restart the game.

Game Version:
Steam Public
Under Review

Hello Dikson,
any chance you set HUD-Scale in Options -> Gameplay to a high value or is it at 100% ?

It is set at 105%, slightly larger.

I am at campaign stage 5 now, and the same bug does not occur. But then I do not fiddle with option any more.

It might be related to changing settings during game play?

It is usually no problem to change settings during game play.
However in certain resolutions the HUD-Scaling option can cause issues or overlapping UI elements.
So always use it with care.
I was interested if it looks correct for you if the HUD-Scale is set to 100%?
And could you make a screenshot of the issue to let us see what is happening?

Unfortunately I don't know how to reproduce the bug...

I played a bit at 16:9 and then switched to 21:9. I left the HUD scaling at 105% and everything works fine.

I'll update if I encounter the bug again.

Cannot Replicate

That would be nice.
For now I mark the ticket as "Can't replicate" as we couldn't trigger this issue in internal tests.
But if you find any way to reproduce, let us know.