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HOG lvl 4, lady athna death bug and crash on loss

Glyn Skitt Spinks 6 years ago updated by Stefan Furcht (Programmer) 6 years ago 8

Heart of gold level 4,

no matter what order i kill the family members in, the daughters Taunt audio lines continue to play after her death at random times, its also stopping mandalf from spawning.

the bug mainly seems to kick in after the mother has been killed.

The game crashs on exit back to the main menu

Output log is full of errors

attached save file is just before assault on the enemy keep, no house members killed yet but in a position to just plow straight threw the keep.

dlc1_campaign_level4_name_20161215094409 output_log.txt

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Hey Glyn,
the log you uploaded contained multiple errors which I could all fix and hope it resolves the issue.
I couldn't try your save game because it requires always two files to share a save game.
A meta file and the save file, but you only uploaded the save file.
But I hope it is fixed.
Please let us know if it's fixed for you in hotfix patch 1.5.0f9 to be released in a couple of hours.

If not please let us know and upload your save game again with meta file.


Pending Customer

The Hotifx is out since last night.
Let us know if it got fixed correctly.

sorry didnt realize it required both files, ill give it another run later and report back

its fixed now, thank you

Glad to hear and thanks for reporting back.
Enjoy :)