Win7 (64bit) Constant crashing during level 2 of campaign

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Just bought the game last night on Steam and I played through the intro quest and the very first quest of the campaign just fine. Level 2 of campaign is a different matter. I'm getting random but consistent crashing. No pattern at all, no warning at all (no stuttering, etc.) Game plays perfect right up until it crashes.

First two times I was in windowed mode and thought it may be that, so I switched to full screen. It happened again the 3rd time but this time it was a hard freeze and I had to CTRL-TAB to get back to desktop to close the program down.

Attached is a zip file with all 3 instances of crash logs. Thanks for looking into it.


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Stefan Furcht
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Hello Esch,
all your logs show the same characteristics.
You run out of RAM and in consequence the game crashes.

  1. 98% memory in use.
  2. 4095 MB physical memory [78 MB free].

The game runs with only 4GB RAM installed but only if this memory can be used by the game and only if not playing with too high settings.
So to play the game with 4GB RAM installed, you need to stop other memory hungry programs and reduce game settings before playing.
Then chances are high, that you can play the game without problems, unless you download very big and bloated Workshop maps.

Please try the following:
- Start Windows Task Manager, go to Processes Tab, Sort all Processes by RAM usage.

* Look for the ones using most RAM on your PC
* If these programs/processes are not required while playing, stop those before playing the game
- In Game reduce texture resolution in Options->Display Options->Texture Resolution
- Reducing the screen resolution you play on can also help to reduce the memory allocated by the game

I hope this helps and allows you to play the game without crashes.
Let us know how it went.



So then the minimum ram needed to play the game that's listed on Steam is inaccurate? It says 4 gig minimum, which is what I have. If the game keeps crashing due to lack of ram then clearly it needs more than 4 gig minimum. :( When I play games on Steam I close everything down already (even in task manager), so guess I'm out of luck playing this then until I can afford to upgrade my system. sigh. Ok, thanks.

Lee "Noontide" Moon Designer & Community Manager
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Minimum requirements are indicative of the absolute minimum required to get the game to run. But if you can reduce the footprint of other programs and complete each level in a timely manner it is possible to complete the entire campaign with only 4GB of Memory.

We tested this around Patch 1.1 (Which is when we reduced the minimum requirements from 6 to 4) and our volunteer was able to complete the game at that point with only 4GB of RAM without a single out of memory crash. As of Patch 1.5 we've reduced the game's memory footprint even further.

With all that said though we still highly recommend at least 8GB of RAM and a 64-bit OS for the game.