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Problem with Community translation in Option menu

policeofficer110 6 years ago updated by Stefan Furcht (Programmer) 6 years ago 7

Hello. I created Japanese Translation.

I have a problem similar to this.

The option menu texts are not displayed in Japanese.

Image 2123


Please investigate this problem.

Thank you and best regards.
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Steam Public

I sincerely appreciate your swift action.

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Thanks for reporting this. I have reproduced the issue, however cannot see any obvious errors. Will pass it on.

Completed - Resolved

Next hotfix it should work 100% correct.
We needed to delay the first loading screen tip a bit when a community translation is applied because it requires Steamworks to be initialized.
But this way it will only show correctly translated tips.
Cheers and thanks for pointing us to this problem.

Good news: It will be likely fixed in the next hour already.

Unfortunately it needs to wait till tomorrow.

It made it still in today, should be fixed by now :)