Crucible Camera controlls not working

Glyn Skitt Spinks 6 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 3

The new 1.5 crucible mode. has happend 4 times so far.

on level start as the voice is talking the camera controls are frozen with the view on a random part of the map each time.

Level needs to be restarted to fix.

Game Version:
Steam Public
Under Review

We saw this issue rarely but never encountered it ourselves and we are unable to reproduce yet.
We hope that we can collect more data.
Thus when you run into this again, can you quit the game and grab your output_log.txt file and upload it here (using Insert File Button / Paperclip icon)
How to find this log is explained here http://brightrockgames.userecho.com/topics/118-how-to-submit-a-bug-ticket/
This would help.



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