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Hine-Po have a strange ability

policeofficer110 6 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 11

Hello. I use Possession to Hine-Po. What is the ability of #9 ?

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could this be due to all passive skills being duplicated at one point? should should be fixed on internal if it is

Intended - some bosses have those strength buffs to modify their other abilities which they share with standard units (instead of creating a copy of every ability with higher values).


Change ability tooltips to clarify that it is passive.

As Cian said we can improve passive abilities to avoid confusion.

We'll keep them blacked out as they are now but add an additional string to the Ability name when the ability is tagged as passive I.E. existing tooltip costs etc. See example image.

Furthermore we should ensure all passive abilities that are not hidden meet a minimum quality standard for information. So the tooltip in question should probably read:

"Boss Strength - Passive"

"The power of all abilities is increased considerably."

Edited all boss strength passives to:

Boss Strength - Passive
Greatly increases the power of all abilities.

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