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as soon as i have more then one room location over the map of the same room and i gain additional creatures, they sometimes dont find food, gold or sleeping place (seem confused)

happens especialy when i conquer enemy dungeons and dont sell there rooms. Or if i convert units.

as long as i make sure, that i have a room of one kind only at one location and connected together i dont expirience this issue.


(btw sometimes it happens, that a minnion or imp get stuck on a wall or edge, trying to walk throu)

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Lee "Noontide" Moon Designer & Community Manager
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Hmmm not seen any reports of this and I've not experience it in game personally. This is something we'd have to take some time to review. If you could provide specific examples of scenarios where this occurs or screenshots of dungeon layouts etc. this would help us replicate. :)


dont have the save game when it happened anymore ... tried to create something similar ... but didnt happen anymore so far ... do you want the safegame, that is similar to the situation when the error happened?

to the pathfinding:

it seems to me, when a minnion/imp starts to move (path planed) and i put an object in his way, (reroute needed) it sometimes get stuck in front of the object.

Stefan Furcht Programmer

Could you create a savegame where this issue still occurs after loading?
This would make it extremely simple for us to debug that case.
Otherwise it is hard to reproduce and I don't recall running into such issue.

Lee "Noontide" Moon Designer & Community Manager
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I'm going to close this down for now due to the age of the ticket and lack of customer response. But please if you continue to have issues and manage to get us a savegame please get in touch!