Heart of Gold Level 2 - Enemies disappear

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HI, In heart of gold level 2 Rhoad I have noticed midway through my game all the enemies on the road have disappeared. I had not yet engaged them in combat or even broken thru to the road yet. Save game attached. dlc1_campaign_level2_name_20161102002734

My specs:

I5 processor


Windows 7

64 bit

Game Version:
Steam Public
Biervampir [AUT]

I tested it,
For me it firstly looks likem, they disapeared right after I loaded my savefile, but after some seconds, they were showen on the Minimap again. The Patrol which is nearer at the end gateway, apear first, then that one behind them.
Those Units will be loaded, but revealed later.

Thanks for the report.

Lee "Noontide" Moon Designer & Community Manager
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@Knightenterprises Can you confirm whether Bohser's analysis is the same on your side on whether they are disappearing after loading the save but reappear after a few seconds?

In either case I'll pass this through to code. :)



I loaded up the save game we were talking about and all enemies were gone, none reappeared.

To get more info I decided to load up other some saved games from earlier on in the level. One is from near the start. Upon loading all enemies are present, but they exit the map thru the gateway at the far left of the map. If you load it up you will notice they are all walking in the same direction - towards the gateway. Give it a few minutes and they will all walk off the map. This situation was obviously not present when I actually saved this save game originally as I would have noticed it. Save game here dlc1_campaign_level2_name_20161102214412

Could this issue has something to do with the Halloween update? It was under a week ago I was playing this level with no problems.


Could you please reply to let me know that you have read my last response, as it is important information that the problem is now affecting older saves. Also when will the prioblem likely be fixed - are we talking days or weeks?

Lee "Noontide" Moon Designer & Community Manager

Hi Knightenterprises,

This issue is currently being investigated but unfortunately I cannot provide an ETA at this time. Current attempts to replicate the issue internally have been met with similar output that Bohser mentioned above, I will be bringing this issue directly to the attention of the code team on Monday when we're all back in the office.

Depending on severity the issue may justify a hotfix otherwise it may be rolled into the next patch (1.5) I'll have more news for you in the coming days.



[Dev] Nanorock

Hello = )

I'm afraid those save files are missing their counter part, ".meta" ^^' Could you by any chance upload the meta files associated with those save ?

Thank you ^^

Andrew "Nutter" Jaggar
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Hi. I am at work atm. Will upload when I get home.:)


Hi Here is the save game plus meta file

Please note this is a save from earlier on in the level (ie from way before the problem first appeared)

This means the problem is affecting previous saves.




Hi it's been 2 weeks now. Can I have an update please?