Supposed "Master Steven Fright" ceased up

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Windows 7

64 bit

8 GB of RAM

Intel Core i3-4130 CPU

(GPU? What?)

Using build v1.4.2f9, I decided to take on Master Steven Fright (The alleged Super AI"?) as it was the only one I needed before unlocking Korvek's Theme. I used your own map of "Death's head", a personal favorite of mine as it encourages taking time and building forces.

The game started as normal. The AI breached my dungeon, so I set up some defenses to halt any troops he sends that way (I realise this could be considered another bug, but there's a lot of features the AI doesn't seem to use like defences, some potions and some rituals). He took over the upper two Perception Shrines and set down a rally for his fourth War Band.

And didn't remove it.

He then plopped down a rally for all minions right in the centre of my defences that none of his creatures heeded-they all seemed to be too busy with the War Band flag instead. Every now and then one of my workers would step too close to the War Band flag and a few creatures would chase it, only to get ripped apart by many Bombards. When a creature got angry, they would be Recalled, only to wander back to the flag.

I used the Revelation ritual to see if this was all his minions, and indeed, almost every single creature was circling the War Band flag besides a few low-level Gnarlings and beasts. As he kept replacing and replacing the all creatures rally, a triumphant fanfare playing each time, nothing changed. His minions were stuck at a low level, getting angrier and angrier that they have to stand there.

I was free to just walk right in with my Archon I'd been summoning this whole time and tear apart his core. As I placed the bridges, I noticed the AI finally woke up and made a feeble attempt at stopping me.

There's the output log --> Here it is.txt

Unfortunately, at the time I didn't think to get any screenshots (I was far too busy laughing).

Hopefully this was enough to ressurect "Master Steven Fright".

Love your game.


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Andrew "Nutter" Jaggar
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Hi Logic Falls

Thanks for the report, it definitely sounds like something went wrong with the "Master's AI's" code there. The good news here is that a massive overhaul of the skirmish AI is planned for update 1.6, to allow the AI to properly make of defenses and potions, etc.

So whilst I can't promise this particular issue won't crop up again before then... Once 1.6 comes out the AI will offer much more of a challenge and a threat for players. If it does happen again, any screenshots and the new output log from that time would also be helpful.

In the meantime i'll send this log through for our AI coder to look at and see if he can figure out what went wrong.

Stefan Furcht

It got some tweaks and fixes in Patch 1.5, maybe it's a little bit better again ;)
However a way bigger improvement is coming with patch 1.6


Thanks you a very!

I have to love active devs.

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