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Game stopped working after 5-10 minutes

rossoNero 6 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 6 years ago 16

I just bought the game and wanted to play with my friend but it keeps "crashing" after 5-10 minutes. It happened in the menu as well as ingame while playing multiplayer. I only get a windows message saying it stopped working. I have no idea what the problem is, every other game runs fine.
I have an up to date win8.1, XFX Radeon HD 7870 2GB vga, Intel i5-3570k processor and 8gb ram. All drivers installed.
I verified the integrity of game's cache.

//Also it used my cpu up to 99-100%, which caused my pc to freeze.Since I limited the game's cpu usage this isnt an issue anymore.


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Hi RossoNero,

Thanks for the report, on first glance I can't see anything immediately wrong with the output log which suggests that the game is closing before it can continue it's log which could indicate something is taking down the Unity engine. My first thought is perhaps memory usage running over and leaving the process starved of resources, usually that would show up in the log but perhaps not. When running the game next can you try keep task manager open and check how much of your system memory is being used?

Have you run through Startup Crashes and General Crash Troubleshooting? Just in case.

Finally something that might be worth trying is temporarily shutting down other processes on your PC such as antivirus or anything that might interact with WFTO while it's running. Also checking through the windows event log might have some reports that could help identify what's happening.



Memory seems to be constantly at 50%. 3 days ago my cpu usage went down for some reason to 20-40% at the menu 60% in multiplayer game, but now its back at 90-99%.

However, the problem changed somewhat. Now I get a crash message after 15-20minutes of running the game. I have the files attached.


Forgive my french but that is a shit load of nullrefs.

Can you include details on what was happening in this game, what map you were playing on and what in general you were doing.

If possible can you also include an output from DXDiag so we can get all the info on your system.




We were playing the map named paranoia with my friend vs 2 bots. I had a few basic rooms like beast den, arena, archive, foundry. I just started to attack one of the bots when I got the crash, also I was digging obviously :D We were in game for 13-14minutes.

I forgot to mention I have 2 monitors. Anyways, here's the file: DxDiag.txt

Were you the host of the game or the client?

i was the client.

I cant host games.. my router is sh*t and I'm not able to open ports manually.


Hmmm well at the moment all I can do is pass through your output log and see if the code team can garner any insights from it. I'm not sure why you'd see crashes as regularly as you do however or see your CPU jumping up so much.

What can cause the nullrefs? So u cant see why my cpu is up? It's also boosted to 4.6k/core. Can it be a problem?

It could well be as components fail in a way I have never seen before:
"[Coherent Browser] (Warning) View 0 terminated in an abnormal fashion!"
(from your first log)

Or the game crashes totally unexpected points at trivial things eg.
"0x00007FF7768F53DD (WFTOGame) RectT<float>::GetCenterPos"
(from your second log)

But this looks like you could have some memory corruption.
Do you overclock your memory?

There has been some good changes recently. I deleted the game from hdd and reinstalled it to my ssd. Then I played a single player skirmish game and got a crash after playing 1hr15 minutes. So we're getting there. Here's the crash report 2016-11-04_222822.zip

Now I just finished a 35 min multiplayer game w/ my friend and the game didnt crash.

Another thing I noticed that without vsync, my processor is constantly at 95%+, with vsync on its rare. The later we're in game the higher but thats natural.

I have Kingston HyperX 8GB 2400 MHz and it's not overclocked.

Took a quick look at the Output Log. Unfortunately it seems Stacktrace information was dropped so this suggest Unity just failed to get information on your crash before it died, this can happen sometimes and is unfortunately very unhelpful in helping us diagnose the crash. I'd advise keeping your eyes open for another crash.

It's good news that the situation has changed with moving over to a new drive but that could suggest there's an issue with your hard drive so I'd recommend giving that a check before something truly bad happens :)

With regards to the CPU usage on Vsync that's surpising but potentially not unexpected, as the game would be running at much lower FPS whe vsync is turned on potentially that could easily keep your CPU utilisation down.