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Campaign Level 12 Subjugation - Dravens Defeat Not Registered

Cavinyagi 7 aastat tagasi uuendaja Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 7 aastat tagasi 8

On Level 12 upon defeating Draven the game does not register his defeat.

Also when defeating the twin core (forget the name) underlord, the game does not register his defeat until his core(s) has been claimed.

At this moment in time i am unable to progress with the game due to this.

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I can confirm that, Dravens and Korveks deaths doesn't get registered.

I really would like to know what Nano or V0id did to the campaign that it is now broken XD
5 bloody days...


Truly bizzare, these were certainly working just a mere few days ago. Not sure how this slipped through but I can assure you the code team are already on it.


Code can seem top have a mind of its own at times lol

In the meantime we rolled back the patch so you should be able to conclude the objective but you might need t ostart the level again sorry :(

Haha no worries! Did it a couple times to check so got it down to a fine art now :-P

Thanks for rolling ti back! :D