No achievement for defeating 3 master ai's on one map

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not a bug just a surprise.

I misread one of the achievement descriptions and so proceeded to play a 1 v 3 map with master ai's for the 3 slots.

Took a while about an hour and a bit but beat them and was expecting to earn an achievement however to my dispair there was none.

Is it just me expecting too much for accomplishing which others have probably done a lot faster or is there actually an achievement but my game just hasn't registered it.

P. S sorry for not adding this to the normal forums but I can't seem to register. Try logging in to wftogame/brightrock forums with Facebook and says something like.... It's a trial platform and I need an admin to invite me or something.

Anyway thanks.

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Biervampir [AUT]

Feel sorry for you, but I guess a 1vs1 won't be a problem for you.
Also it has to be an official map, if you want to do the achievement again.


Ryan Cosford

When you say an official map the achievement I was originally going for involved playing against AI on a skirmish map...are they not official maps as that's what I played on.

Andrew "Nutter" Jaggar
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The achievements you're referring to require beating one of the AI's on Master difficulty setting, in a 1v1 skirmish match (and only a 1v1 match) on any of the Official maps that shipped with the game (aka not a steam workshop map)

As long as the author is listed as WFTO in the lobby it's an official map.

Sorry you didn't get an achievement, but the criteria is pretty specific and sadly you didn't meet it in your 3v1 match. That being said.. beating 3 master AIs is pretty impressive. As Bohser said, you'll probably have no trouble beating them one on one and earning the achievements now.

Since this isn't actually a bug i'll have to close the ticket and Mark it as "Not a Bug"

Ryan Cosford

Sorry about posting this in The bug section bit as I said, I can't log in to brightrock forums as says requires admin rights or something.

The map I played does have WFTO as the author as I've not downloaded any workshop maps.

We'll I've just finished a 1v1 with a master AI....i can't remember which achievement I'm after now lol.