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Lots of lag + heavy stuttering

Sqiurmo 7 years ago updated by Szilveszter Dömötör 2 years ago 17

Nutter666 suggested I make a ticket here.

After ~50 units or so in my dungeon, I get pretty bad lag, and the FPS drops to <30. In addition, after 100+ units are in my dungeon, stuttering happens every 10 or 15 seconds. This happens in campaign or skirmish. The output log is from a large (largest possible map size), 4-player skirmish that was ~5 hours long before it crashed when I ordered all of my minions to attack. The lag was present throughout most of the the skirmish though.

Loading the game seems to alleviate the problem temporarily, but it returns pretty quickly.


Specs are:

Windows 10 64-bit

16 gigs of ram (Corsair)

Intel i5-4670 @ 3.4 GHz

GTX 780

Game Version:
Steam Public
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Thanks for the report Squirmo, i'll pass it through for the code team to take a look at and see if there's anything odd about the output log to cause the lagging.

There is nothing odd in the output log. I'm afraid it just hit the limit of what's the game is able to handle on your specs I'm afraid : / 5h+ on a 4p map, big map, lots of units. All those parameters affects performances a lot ^^"


Running this game on a GTX 1080Ti backed by 32gb of ram and a 5820k and the game drops to about 20 fps or lower  with the gpu and cpu not even breaking a sweat ;/ not gonna lie i built a pretty heavy duty dungen  ^^ but is there any plans on patching this or is it simply the game will never handle it :P i love this game btw.

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Hey Ævar,

That sounds pretty awful, it's rare to hear such damning performance drops on such a high end system. 

What is the average FPS the game runs at for you? 

Do you have Vsync enabled?


I don't have lag, per se, but I do have significant and consistent stutters. They usually start up once I've played for about 1 hour on a map, sometimes sooner. They usually occur when I move my camera, panning to different parts of my dungeon, but it doesn't seem to do it when I click on the map, only when I Edge Scroll. It usually hitches for about .6 to 1.2 seconds, then resumes normal speed, then pauses again about 5-8 seconds later.
Windows 7 64bit
CPU: AMD A8 6600k Quad Core @ 4.2 GHz
GPU: nVidia GeForce 1070 @ 8 GB GDDR5 VRAM


Hey Ultralazuli,

It sounds like you're suffering from the dreaded Unity Garbage Collection stutters. Basically Unity will clear out the memory that is being used for the game periodically when it is no longer needed. However, their method for doing this isn't the best and results in a small stutter every time it happens. This wouldn't normally be noticeable, the problem arises with systems that have large amounts(over 16GB) of RAM. Every single time it happens it has to search and reorder ALL of the RAM, including currently inactive portions, so even if you are only using 10GB total of RAM the other 22GB will still have an impact on each GC step.

It's not all doom and gloom, Unity are working on a solution right now that will negate this issue and as soon as it is released will upgrade to that version of Unity engine.

This is going to sound painful, and I'm sorry that you'll have to do this but the best way to negate this issue is to temporarily remove most of the sticks of RAM from your system. Going down to 16GB or even 8GB will really improve your experience. I know this is a total hack of a workaround but it should improve your experience.

If you do attempt the above then please get back to us and let us know how you fair. 

Well, at least the problem is being addressed.

I'm currently unwilling to try that kind of "hack" right now though, It would limit my ability to play several other games installed on my machine, and frankly, I paid buku bucks for this kind of upgrade, so it feels like a slap in the face to have to tone down my awesome system to meet the limitations of the Unity engine.

Not that I'm saying you're slapping me in the face or that Brightrock is either. I guess I'll have to wait out this update to Unity and perhaps try exiting and re-entering the game after long periods of play. Thank you for answering.

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No worries, I know it's a big ask. Saving and reloading the game may also help but not to the same extent

Any news on this topic, have they released or is there an eta on the release for the fix associated with this problem. I'm having this problem today and I'm looking for a fix that doesn't require me to open up my pc and remove RAM. I did some googling but couldn't find any relevant news myself.

We have not yet made any headway with this as it is a huge undertaking for a project of this size.

You will likely have to wait for the 2.0 update that will release at the early next year, sorry that this is causing issue. We may have slight bumps before then but we cannot promise anything

Damn I am getting dreadful lag on the Kista ''Collecting Gold for the Gold Forge'' Mission and you mage this game  in Unity? Cool but still I guess you are showing Unity's limitations I am using Unity to make a game too OK my PC is 

4 GB 1000MHz Memory

1 TB Hard Drive

1 GB NVIDIA Quadra 600 Graphics Card

Windows 7 64 bit Operating System

2 x AMD Athlon X2 215 Processors (I think) Not overclocked

Yeah I know I wanted a 16 gb PC but my HP 6005 Well I have to flash the bios and don't know how to do that successfully so looking for a PC I could upgrade 

There are some planned improvements that you should see in the coming weeks.

Hey ,

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I've just had a closer look at your GPU and it looks like it falls far below minimum spec. As you can see here https://www.videocardbenchmark.net/gpu.php?gpu=Quadro+600&id=91 your GPU scores on average 692 points on the PassMark benchmark. 

Unfortunately War For the Overworld requires a minimum score of 1500 on the PassMark benchmark to run the game, as stated in our System Requirements. There's nothing we can really do to fix it other than recommending that you attempt to run in the absolute lowest video settings. I hope that you can find some way to enjoy the game, or an alternative machine to play on.

This means that we cannot guarantee that the game will ever be fully functional for you.

I think this is still not solved, I have a 2019 RIG and suffering huge performance drops and even crashes, changing graphics settings and resolution make no change at all, the game turning into comics in special scenarios with large maps. In original campaigns there were no performance drops, but still this is not making any sense, blaming user's PC if almost everyone suffer from this problem. If it would be insufficent GPU changing graphic settings , but it does not do anything, so it would be something with the actual code / optimization on CPU use. I am using all DLC and playing on kashita's custom campaign, and game getting crashed each time i am trying to destroy collosus, or even before when i destroy Rakhanos. 16GB ram + 6X 3,6ghz amd rzyen CPU nvidia GTX 1660 Ti min 6gb graphram 

I appreciate this can be extremely frustrating but the level of performance loss you're describing is quite uncommon and as you've surmised can often be linked to third-party levels which can at the creator's will push the game in ways it is not intended to be pushed. Not all users will experience performance loss in all circumstances.

I should also note this topic is over three years old and the game has received significant performance improvements since then though as Cian mentions above there are some engine-based limitations which still exist. Namely the Garbage Collection Algorithm issue. Which is an engine-level problem that will affect all users to some extent.

Initially we had expected that this feature would make it into a new version of Unity before we concluded the work on WFTO as our main project. After all Unity had been aware of the issue for some time and the new generational GC algorithm had been in development for several years. Unfortunately while this feature has now entered the prototype phase there is now several years of engine versions between our branch of Unity and the version which has the prototyped version of this feature. It would be a momentous undertaking to update the engine at this point, especially as our team's efforts are now dedicated to a new project. Updating the Engine would almost certainly cause many parts of the game to break and is very risky.

If the issue you're having is related to that (Stutter / Freezing at regular intervals with increasing frequency) then it's unlikely that the issue will be resolved at least until resources can be assigned to investigate the possibility of bringing Unity up to date in WFTO.  

Alternatively the one thing I spotted of interest in your post is that ta Colossus is present on the level. There is a known issue with the Colossus where if the owner's vault is full it will continue to absorb gold infinitely causing a huge strain on a user's PC. Which could lead to performance loss. Could be worth checking if this is the case.

As it is this topic is over 3 years old so it might be worth opening your own topic on this.


Thanks for the feedback, yes that what is that you have described, all games running fine until a point, then it start to have spikes, then longer lags and more frequent. Even save / load does not help it enters into freeze state, it happened in gilder rise custom campaign. The rest I see the same with maps longer than a hour or 90 minutes, however save/load mostly helps rest of the cases. I analysed the performance in the background nothing was utilized at 100% perhaps unity engine. Now I passed that campaign and all fine, and some patches out from that time as well, so all fine I play with slight spikes... I would really appriciate DLC and or a second game, as this is a great game, I did not like that much undergames, too big gap between standard and master difficulcy.... Seems to be really unfair. I am almost running out from custom campaign, so i would be happy to buy a new DLC :), some creators did insane AI-s in the game HC micromanagement i would be never able to do sell claim pickup drop etc with many numbers, thats really weird. So please don't give up this sequel, strategy so great and rare in this format.... Thanks for coming back falks.