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Golden Colossus stops attacking after saving and reloading

Leo M. Panther 7 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 6 years ago 9

In level 4 of Heart of Gold, I was going for all the achievements there (specifically the timed one) and making a few saves.

I then fail to reach the goal, reload and get a little miffed at the Colossus just sitting there idly not attacking. It still sort of moves towards the rally flag but it doesn't fight.

All it does is give of the aureate monolith sparkle.

If I posses it I can still fight manually but other than that it is just a big target. None of my other minions seem to be affected.

On a side note.

Is the Golden Colossus supposed to be a level 1 creature? It doesn't matter much given the physical strength, passive abilities and loads of health. But since the other summoned supercreatures are level 10 it seems a little weird to me.


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Confirmed easily replicated. Unsure why this has suddenly started happening but will pass it straight through to code :)

With regards to unit level, Titans are not meant to have a level (Although technically they do they don't display it. I had a quick look into that and couldn't get the level displayed under what condition did you see it?

When you posses a creature its level is visible next to its health at the top of the screen. Thanks for the support.

Ah yes of course, completely overlooked that :D

Well there's no physical effect of it because the Titans do not gain stats per level, worth bringing up internally though and we might address the possession UI for that at some point :)

The titans are all level 1 or better explained they have no leveling mechanics.

We will have to look into the save/load issue though.

Lee Moon as a quick solution we could show just a little * or simply nothing where the XP level goes on UI for all units which do not have leveling mechanics.

It was an issue with conflicting names for abilities of Aureate Monolith and Colossus which made the Colossus reload with the Monoliths Steal Gold ability.
This ability was then usable for by the Colossus fighting system and was triggered endlessly without any restrictions ot cooldown which made the Colossus stuck instead of him doing any other actions.

This problem will be fixed in next Patch.
Thanks for pointing us to this issue! :)