Some units sleep forever

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Hey, while I was playing yesterday, I discovered another bug.

First it only happened to Beastmasters, but later in the game, a lot of units I put in the lair manually, simply did not stand up again... they just stayed there sleeping. They didn't collect gold, didn't eat, or anything like that until I removed them manually again.

Paired with the "no micropiglets"- bug, this made my minions very upset, very quickly...

I will resume my game from yesterday and post my output.log

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Lee "Noontide" Moon
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Stefan Furcht

Hey (again) Runemaster,

There is one reason why units would sleep longer than they need, which is when they are damaged and need to recover health.
I guess it was not as simple as this and you just not waited for them to recover to 100% health?
In this case I still think the problem could be related to this mechanic.
Now I would really like to know how to reproduce this, but I will try.
If you have any additional hints, please shoot :)

Cheers & Thanks for reporting :)

Stefan Furcht
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Hah, it was way easier to reproduce than I did expect.

It was indeed related to the recover health mechanic in that way, that by implementing this earlier we needed to remove almost all checks for sleep being fulfilled to stop units from sleeping longer than needed, to allow them to do so when damaged.
Well, it seems we removed one check too many, because for assignments it was still relevant.

It is now back, but we found it a bit boring when you assign a healthy well rested minion to sleep and he does ignore this order.
So we made them now sleep in this case for a very very short time to give the Underlord the feeling that his orders are executed.

This will be fixed in an Hotfix coming soon containing a couple of other major issues.

Thanks a lot for reporting this one.

Cheers and have a nice day :)


Hey, thanks for the reply Stefan.

I'm always happy, when I can help to track this stuff down :)

Lee "Noontide" Moon
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