crash when loading save file

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This is a very annoying bug that I encountered twice, once during the main campaign and once during the extension campaign.

I saved the game and then when I tried to load it it crashes on a pure virtual funciton call in the Visual .NET C++ library.

I have attached the extension save file as I have overwritten the default campaign one that was crashing:



Here is the bug image when it occurs

bug image

Also note that my steam installation is on a separate drive than my OS. and so my save game for this game are also not on the OS drive.

I am playing on a windows 7 64bit, service pack 1 family premium edition.

RAM : 16go of DDR3.

CPU: intel core i7-2700K @ 3.5GHz

GPU: NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 970 with latest drivers

Thank you for correcting this bug, it is very annoying as I have to redo the whole level every time it happens.

Game Version:
Steam Public

I forgot to specify that I am using the latest WFTO build: 1.4.2f2

Andrew "Nutter" Jaggar
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The latest patch of the game was exported using the latest update of unity, which it turns out causes issues on some people's systems. We're aware of the issue and working on it, in the mean time you can access the previous build 1.4.1 via the Betas tab on steam and selecting the "Previous Build" beta.

This should allow you to keep playing until the problem is resolved.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Stefan Furcht Programmer

Just to give some notice: We are working on a new Patch which will be released in a couple of weeks, which should have this issue fixed.
The problem: It might not fix your existing save game, but it will make sure that future save games won't break like this.

Stefan Furcht Programmer
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Did the last Patch resolve the issue for you? (it should)

Lee "Noontide" Moon Designer & Community Manager
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Closing as complete due to lack of customer response.