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Placing a rally banner inside the Arena makes it unusable

ZzZombo 7 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 6 years ago 8

Shame http://brightrockgames.userecho.com/topics/1269-you-can-place-a-rally-banner-inside-the-prison/ got closed, as it also can suffer. If you place one inside the Arena, all units inside will be pushed out. Additionally, you can't place any unit inside while the banner is there. It can cause a good grief if an enemy unit escapes thanks to a mishap with a banner.

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Hey ZzZombo,

Just to let you know we really appreciate you reporting all these extremely minor issues, although some of them might not be considered an issue or may in fact be working as intended there are a few which are indeed issues that simply have been overlooked, missed or never reported.

It'd be really great where possible if you try to include steps to replicate, although I can often conclude steps to reach the same issue as you from your descriptions it's just nice to have in addition.

With regards to this one it's quite a small issue but let me explain what's happening. When a rally flag is placed for a unit that is in the Arena the unit will attempt to respond to the flag, as such it will leave the Arena, however the flag being placed in the Arena still causes this behaviour, but of course due to the same reasons as the prison the flag cannot be reached.

This means enemy units that are in the Arena will not be affected because they will not respond to the rally flag, likewise they cannot respond to their owner's rally flag if they are in an enemy Arena.

While I'm inclined to write this off as working as intended I'll see if maybe we want to change the mechanics so that if a rally flag is placed that is unreachable units do not leave arenas. I can't guarantee that will happen but I'll look into it.




Alright, I'll write steps to reproduce, if any are figured out. But on the topic, why don't you just disallow placing banners inside the Prison and the Arena?

Highly likely to require more work to add that exception than to fix the behaviour of the Arena and it's a non-issue if it is fixed. I talked to the coder responsible today and it's indeed an edge case. Units should only leave the arena to a rally flag if they can path to the flag.

Because they can path to the flag when they're in the arena with it they leave the arena to try and get to the flag, but then they can no longer path to it.

Here is more to think about. You really should exclude the Arena's and the Prison's inner space from consideration for nearly all actions. You already disallow casting spells like Shockwave directly inside, placing a rally banner should use that too. However, you can still affect units inside them by a spell cast outside, in particular, you can actually push units inside the Arena/Prison by Shockwave, freeing them, by casting it at an edge of the room.

In other words, spells that can be cast inside those rooms, should only affect units inside. Spell casts outside them should only affect units outside.

In version 1.5 Rally flags can not be placed into Prison nor Arena anymore as well the Shockwave spell wont hit units behind walls, obstacles or inside Prison/Arena.