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The Cultist level 5 activity glitch

ZzZombo 6 years ago updated by Stefan Furcht (Programmer) 6 years ago 4

Three out of 11 Cultists become unresponsive to anything but enemies. They become stuck in the "Other" activity, cycling to and from "-", only ever attacking an enemy or heeding a rally banner otherwise. I couldn't make them work anywhere, nor they would ever tend to themselves, causing them to hunger, don't collect wages nor sleep. I guess it has something to do with the Shifting Bonds ritual I had to perform in order to complete the level. I have a hunch their scripting forced them to perform the ritual, but something blocked them from doing it.

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As there's an internal ticket I'll keep it here and mark as Pending Third Party (We don't have an appropriate status). Will review in time.

Completed - Resolved

And the internal ticket got fixed meanwhile and should be patched :)