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The Cultist seems to mind his own business in combat

ZzZombo 7 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 7 years ago 13

At the end battle on level 3, The Breach, I had a group of 2 cultists, 2 chanders and 4 gnarlings attacking the Lord and the Inhibitor. As soon as I removed the Rally All Minions flag, the Cultists would promptly decide to abandon the fight, perhaps picking on the enemy doors around, but not sticking to their current foe, the Lord or his Inhinitor.

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Yes I second this to go with my ticket

Minions who haven't satisfied needs or low HP will go back to your Dungeon, especially when there's no rally flag.

And they will attack minions and defenses on their way back.

Behaviour is intended.

we could increase the radius, where the range units are attacking while they aren't rallied.

Not a Bug

Sounds like working as intended due to minions going to refill their needs after being rallied, marking as not a bug.

What? Really, you sometimes make such nonsensical decisions that are hard to get. Do you really mean your creatures stopping to fight while still having enemies to attack intended just because a payday has come again during it??? Then close all other my tickets, as such an excuse can be found for all of them.

For clarification purposes. If a unit is becoming very unhappy due to unfulfilled needs they will leave fights due to wavering loyalty. Why should they fight for you if you're not looking out for them, you're not worth dying for.

Eh, but those units were still fighting, destroying enemy doors. Explain that then.

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Depends on the situation, if a door is in the way they should attack it, in order to get past. Otherwise they'll usually leave the fight. However if I'm right as this is on Level 3 there should be nothing in the path. In which case they shouldn't suddenly switch to attacking them.

However in tests we've not noticed something similar to what you describe. Any chance you can provide a screenshot so we can try to recreate something similar.

No, there were no doors blocking their way out. Also, it doesn't seem like any kind of "loyalty lose" is actually in effect. Unhappy minions don't stop working at their respective rooms, and it takes ages for them to even start complaining; the Cultists were fresh from the dungeon, barely needing anything at all. I'll try to look up if I have the savegame soon.

I've seen that as well what you described. But if they don't need to fight, they won't fight.

If there's a door near by they will attack it, simply because it's in range of their aggression radius.

they leave other units fighting, because they healed them and the other enemies were out of their aggression range. So they decide do go back to your dungeom to refill their needs, and when there's something at their way home which is in their range of aggression, they will attack it.

The Situation you describe is simply that the cultist haven't anything to do there, because the other things are out of range. The priority to refill needs and patch himselfe up is higher.

on the way back he saw a Door which is in his range of aggression, so he will attack it, because fighing the enemy has a higher ptiority as refill needs.

How I said earlier, we could increase the range of aggression, BUT that would lead to range units are hunting other units and moveing off.

So perhaps a slight increase would help, which could cover as 1 or 2 units, but IMHO it's good how it is right now.

Behaviour is intended, no bug, but perhaps an improvement idea.

Not a Bug

Bohser's response is fairly comprehensive and makes sense. This has always been a difficult area to balance on aggression radii. This is not a bug but we'd always welcome suggestions via the forum on how you might invision improvements without causing further issues.

personally I'd have it where creatures would at least kill enemies within their radius before fulfilling their needs.

Or maybe even if you have a rally flag with enemies around them your creatures fight meanwhile a pre programmed timer within their programming determines how long they will fight before having to fulfill their needs.

My 2 cents.... Or pence cos I'm British 🤗

Pence is the best.

Rally flags apply this behaviour already because it engages an AI mode where the unit is looking to fight. If they're not actively looking to fight they'll consider their needs much more.