Imps to finish claiming recently dug out land

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OK so for a bit of nostalgia I began playing dk2 to bring back a few childhood memories and there's one thing I've noticed that could benefit WFTO.

In WFTO, Imps will dig out areas tagged to be dug, fine. However if a substantial area has been tagged they proceed to dig it out but only half-heartedly claim the tiles for my own.

In DK2 Imps do dig but then also send a few Imps to claim the land while the rest continue digging.

Any chance this could be worked on.


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Lee "Noontide" Moon
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Hi Ryan,

Thanks for your feedback, firstly I'm going to have to decline this ticket as currently this mechanic is working as intended. However you can always submit your suggestion straight to our official forums.

Now with regards to this I can say that we've played with many different variations of this in the past and there's no one solution that ever fits anyone's desires with the workers. In fact we previously had a system very similar to what you described but we received feedback from players to tweak it so that they dig out with a higher priority.

Ultimately it's unlikely that we'll change worker priorities much from where they are now. But we've provided several ways for players to override priorities. Firstly with simply dropping workers onto a task to assign them manually or by using worker rally to have workers prioritize tasks in a certain area.

Once workers are performing a task they'll usually try to prioritize finishing it unless something higher priority appears nearby.

Hope that helps,



Ryan Cosford

Ah yes I remember seeing many comments from people saying...oh my Imps are busy reinforcing walls, etc...

I'm guessing this is a simple case of dungeon management. Doesn't really take long to pick Imps up or even use the rally worker flag.

This is now another playthrough of wfto... (I always refresh campaign and home realm after every patch so I can benefit from the bug fixes and new releases on every level) order for me not to sound like almost everyone else on this forum, I will simply say...

Thanks Lee, appreciate the feedback and keep up excellent work.