Colossus glitch - end of level.

Bats 7 évek ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 7 évek ago 2

Hey guys,

One more bug I found is that in the Heart of Gold campaign when you finally get the colossus by putting ONE MILLLIONNNNNN DOLLLAAAASSS into the pot it doesn't end the game the second you spawn it (It is meant to end that level when you spawn it isn't it? So I had like 50 colossuses as it didnt end and I kept spawning them, also that levels crashed for me three times in a row before I even got to that stage. Anyone else experienced this? Maybe it is only MAC?

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Sounds quite bizarre. What's meant to happen is a cutscene is meant to occur to end the level. First things first please include all the details as requested in How to: Submit a Bug Ticket so we have all the basic info we need.

A save file for this game would also be good, then we can see any issues with the script that occurred during your game. With the crashes individual output logs would be good. If it crashed out you might have these in seperate crash dump folders.


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