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Only mission 1 accessable after finishing mission 4 (defeat Underlord Marcus)

RLGD 7 years ago updated by Andrew "Nutter" Jaggar 7 years ago 3


WFTO v1.3.2f3

Windows 10 Pro 64bit

AMD FX-8350 8-core ~4Ghz

16 Gb RAM

DirectX 12

War for the Overworld Launcher Log.txt

After I finished mission 4, I can only access mission 1. Even restart the campaign, reinstall, or completing it again do not change anything about it. The former burnt land from mission 2-4 turned pretty again.

Game Version:
Steam Public

This problem occured yesterday evenig since a few hours ago... after I gathered the data for the report, suddenly all switched back to the map with mission 4 cleared... no idea what happened. Additionally the savegame I created this morning appeared again. It was gone as well as I checked the last time.

Since something went wrong for sure, I won't delete the post, even though my personal problem is solved.

Hello RLGD,
what you describe can happen, when you lose steam connection after you started the game.
Because in this case the game fails to retrive your campaign progress from steam and finally needs to assume you didn't start yet.
So we had cases where this happened in the past and it was always either an issue with internet connection or with the steam client in this case reinstalling the steam software helped.
Hope the problem is now gone for you either.