impossible to play with the new update... can you help me ?

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With the new update, impossible to play. I launch the game and on the main menu, I can see the picture but no title (i have the cursor like a hand). Impossible to click because there are no titles (single, and so on). Can you help me ? Thanks a lot. (I have réinstall dx but doesn't work).

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Stefan Furcht
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Hello Cedric,
this sounds very unusual and should not happen (at least it doesn't for the vast amjority of players),
so we need to suspect a system specific issue.
Since the user interface is just not shown it is likely related to our UI plugin "Coherent UI".

First off, did you try already the workarounds in this steam thread:
(Please read below "Issue 2: My UI has not appeared on the main menu ...")

Do these workarounds fix the issue for you?

If not, we will need more detailed information about what does happen on your system when you start the game.
To give us more insight, can you please upload your laucher.log and output_log.txt files, so we can see if anything specific goes wrong on your end?
(See here to to find and attach them to your reply )

- Stefan

Lee "Noontide" Moon
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Lee "Noontide" Moon
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