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Incorrect camera orientation - related to possession?

cfm 7 years ago updated by [Dev] Nanorock (Programmer) 7 years ago 9

OS: Windows 8.1 (64-bit)

Version: WFTO v1.3.2f3

DirectX: GPU only supports up to v10, so presume some fallback to v9 in operation?

Map: home realm

Issue: After possession, camera left in incorrect orientation. View remains tilted, making it very hard to continue playing.

Description: Was in home realm. Moved some micropiglets from slaughterpen to barracks, then possessed one of these micropiglets. Attempted first to use prop, then to attack gnarling which was using said prop, also getting close enough in hope of being eaten. Not certain what occurred, but was moved back to overlord view with camera at incorrect orientation. This is the first time I've encountered this, so it usually works 100% correctly on this system.

Probably related to: http://steamcommunity.com/app/230190/discussions/1/451850020331098585/



Output log:

output_log - camera_angle_issue.txt

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Just a note to say that the camera orientation does NOT reset on re-entering the home realm. Whatever broke, it's now part of that save file. It also does NOT reset on entering and exiting possession.

I assume a structure representing the current overlord view exists in the game and save file, and is not only used as a starting location when re-entering the save file, but is also used in setting up a new overlord view when exiting possession.

Try the Home Key, I believe that resets Camera Orientation, if not there is definiely a key that does

I can confirm that pressing HOME does indeed correct the camera orientation.

I can now reproduce this every time. Easiest steps to reproduce are as follows:

  • Make a slaughterpen and a barracks
  • Pick up a micropiglet and drop it into the barracks near some training Gnarlings
  • Possess the micropiglet and walk around near the Gnarlings
  • Soon one of them will walk over and eat you, at which point you lose the ability to move
  • On death, your view will begin to animate back to the overlord perspective.
  • DURING this animation, press SPACE.

What happens is that the animation continues to run, taking you back to the overlord's view, but at the moment it completes the perspective instantly switches to the broken one. It's hard to judge, but I believe pressing SPACE earlier in the animation produces a more-tilted view than later - I suspect that the resulting broken view is based on the orientation of the camera at point of pressing space.

Note that this is different behaviour from exiting possession normally by pressing space and then pressing space again during the animation: in that situation, the animation is reset and starts again. I have not been able to break the camera orientation when exiting possession normally.

This behaviour also exists if triggered after the natural death of a micropiglet, so it is not related to being eaten. I suspect this behaviour is triggerable with any possessed minion at point of death.


    Thanks for all the extra work you've put into narrowing this down for us, i'm sure the coders will have a much easier job now :)

    Exporting to Jira.

    No problem, glad to help! :-)

    Kudos for this detailed ticket !