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Heart of Gold level 1 - Wizard dead on sand

King 7 years ago updated by Alexpaul 5 years ago 8

So I killed each version of the wizard, and I've destroyed every gate. However, the final version of the wizard died on the sand near the invincible hero gate and my imps can't pick him up.

Is this an error? Looks like there's no way to complete the level.

Also, the invincible gate has summoned literally 100s of level 7 heroes who are just standing next to it. No joke, there must be over 200 there. I had to close the same as so amny were spawning my PC couldn't handle it.

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Steam Public

That's actually Sacred Earth rather than Sand, so it's not a bug that your workers can't pick him up. But it is an oversight since it leaves you unable to rescue him. It also breaks the scripting causing the behaviour you described with massive armies spawning.

i will send this through as an improvement as this has been reported multiple times by now.

Both the implications of Sacred earth and the fact that it looks really similar to Sand is a problem

However when he gets knocked out there he will rot and after 60 seconds respawn.
So the problem should resolve itself after a short time.

Nano Boucher What's an easy fix here, can we teleport him if he dies on the sacred ground? Trigger an instant respawn?

"he will rot and after 60 seconds respawn"