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Crash report

Windows 8.1 64 bit, 8 Gm RAM, Intel(R) Core(TM) I7-4500 CPU1.80 GHz 2.40

GHz GPU: AMD Radeon R7 M265, Intel(R) HD Graphics Family. Version game 1.40f10

Played in the Home Realm, allowed 10 waves of level 10, they attacked the room with defences and locked the icy door behind him. Used the ritual Construction", was soon crash. However, I have already used when you attack, the game does not crash.

Image 1078

War for the Overworld Launcher Log.txt



Game Version:
Steam Public

Amendment, version game fresh, 1.40f11

Completed - Resolved

if i understood your issue it is fixed for you correct? i will complete it then, please ask me in Discord if it happens again.

I have no question. In the window that came up during crush, it is written that would be great, if I send information about crush developers. And save before the crush I didn't do.

I love Unity for reliably logging the cause of a crash:
"RtlLookupFunctionEntry returned NULL function. Aborting stack walk."

This means Unity had an internal issue when it was trying to log the stack trace of the crash.
Now we not know at all where it did came from.
Last log before crash was:
"Unmanaged pool object fx_potion_frostweaver(Clone) (PoolParty.VFXDeadTimer)"
But not sure if this is enough to track the issue down.

Was this happening only once or do you encounter crashes like this more often?

I have not played often in the Home Realm. In fact, I have since then (after a crash) have not yet played in the Home Realm again. New crash was the next day, on my map.

When ever you get such a crash, can you again upload the log files?
It might help us to narrow down what is causing it.

Log on the next day was not (seems to be the game hung, and I closed forcibly). But there is the log a few days earlier, attach. 2016-05-30_195540.rar

Completed - Next Patch

We found some piece of code which potentially tried to play destroyed VFX from an already died unit after a Quick Freeze potion was applied which does fail, so it does not become visual but could well cause this crash.
Thus we hope the issue will be fixed in v1.4.2 please let us know if not.
Thanks for uploading the logs which helped us a lot.