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Critical Error WLevel

Gigi Miner 7 years ago updated by Jan - Eric Merzel 7 years ago 4

Critical error when trying to load game post patch this am. Tried to start level again (last) and save, but same error appeared. Also, heart/core is blocked by earth tiles that can't be removed.

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Steam Public
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Sounds like something is corrupted in the save file, can you upload your output log and if possible also the save file so one of our coders can take a look, thanks.

Remember the output log is reset each time you play, so we need a log from just after the error occurs.

Hello Gigi Miner,
as far as I can see this was a temporary issue with a hotfix we released.
It was only happening for a few hours until we spotted, fixed and patched it.

So it should work now correctly again.
Please let us if not.


Completed - Resolved