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Just to say the ticket was not lost but we looked into it and tweaked worker behaviour according to reports like this one.
So it should indeed be improved with next patch.

I have good and bad news.
Good: We were able to find and fix the issue, the units around the core were "disabled" after being knocked out until brought back to the lair and healed slightly and if the game was saved in this process it left these never fighting units behind after load.
Bad: The issue is now serialized in your save game and thus your save game will remain to be bugged, but on newly started maps/levels it wont happen.

Thank you for reporting this issue.

Hello faeryll,

might it be that yuou get this  issues only on a specific map/level or a few speicifc ones?

Your logs contain some weird exceptions, which I have not seen before and it could be caused by a corrupted save game or workshop map.

I did put now some safe guards into place which prevent the exception from happining in a loop and slowing down the entire game.

But this is still just hiding an issue with a map but the best I found I can do about.

If the issue comes from a certain map or a set of maps it might be worth sharing them, so we can see what is wrong and why parts of some blocks on these maps are missing.

We found an issue in your logs which would only happen if the retrieval of achievement data from Steam does fail.

This could in consequence cause the current UI page to not respond anymore.

We do not know why this retrieval fails, it could be due to an issue with the Steam Client (Reinstall of steam could help), or any Antivirus or Firewall blocking the retrieval (in this case addding an Exception probably helps).

So while this issue remains a little mystery, we made sure that this error can not break the UI for next patch.

So in case it happens again after next Patch you should still be able to play, but the Achievements sub menu under "Extras" will not work, if achievements can not be retrieved from Steamworks.

Thanks for letting us know.

I had a quick look but can not really explain this.
Are you 100% sure there were no actual Banshees involved that attacked you somewhere?
(The "bombarded by Banshee" lines can only play if any of the attackers contains "Banshee" in their name, but the Vampires ability spawns a unit with name "Spirit_Vampire" which would not match)

We can only show one range but the activation effect got priority over the passive effect in such case.