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I forgot to report the garrison hammer buttons in my above comment. I believe the bell itself is also not highlighted.

I found some more issues- this time, the ember rift and phaestus's volcano.

That's weird that it's deliberate, considering the underlord version has animated rollers.

"First off, let's look at the Empire's version:"

This line is an artifact of when I was planning to make a bug report for both versions in the same issue. I later decided to split them, but forgot to change this line.

Also of note is that pelt- its edges look a little strange, and it might just be me, but it could have transparency issues as well.

As a hunch, I'd also check the tooltip text shown when selecting the gargoyle in the veins of evil.

EDIT: Did it myself since I'm ingame currently, and that text is incorrect as well.

These ones are all in-game. The dwarven one has three screenshots- it's hard to see due to the bright coloration, but the wall models are not highlighted in particular, the interior closeups show the highlights when compared to each other.

Kasita, Kasita Silver, Phaestus, Kickstarter, and Founders have not been checked because I do not have access to those themes.

Note: For the shadow one, some of the eyes are hidden by his body- they seem to be transparent.

On a note of curiosity, is the arcane wooden door supposed to lack team colored runes? There are runes present, but they do not glow at all.

Update: The Dark Arcane theme has an issue with both of the same wall models, but slightly differently; they both clip through on the left side, but the right side seems fine, so it is as if these models have been stretched slightly.

I had made two bug reports since the empire worker makes dwarf sounds when picked up, but the arcane worker makes imp sounds when picked up. Both have imp 'chatter'.