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Thanks, I appreciate your team helping me troubleshoot this problem.

Just played another WFTO game for 1hr 53m continuous, no problems so far.

My best guess is that it maybe an intermittent power supply issue so I installed a new power supply, I went with the EVGA SuperNova 850P2. This is a Platinum rated supply, it got excellent reviews. So far so good, played WFTO for 1hr 3m today, no problems. Played Battlefield 1 last night for several hours no problems. Will play some more WFTO later and update this thread.

I have an Asus PG278Q monitor, so I play with V-Sync on utilizing the monitor and video card nVidia G-Sync capability. Run at 2560x1440 resolution.

More info: I may indeed have a PC hardware issue going on as for the first time in a different game, I had the same thing happen to me that was happening in WFTO. Playing Battlefield 1 last night and the computer monitor went straight to a black screen because the computer rebooted itself. Outside of WFTO I have never seen this happen in another game before. But because I have now experienced it in a different game I believe my PC may have some intermittent issue.

I am leaning towards trying a new power supply out. Even though my Power Supply (Corsair HX 850) should be more than capable to handle this system. I am wondering if maybe the power supply might have an issue or do you think it would be RAM, GPU, CPU or something else? What would you recommend trying first?

If you think power supply, I was considering an EVGA SuperNova G2 850W or 1000W.

If GPU, I would probably upgrade to a GeForce GTX 1070 or 1080.

If RAM, then I would just get another 32GB of DDR3 and replace ALL of the old RAM.

Looking forward to your suggestions.

Thanks for the update I will check it out and try to get some game time in this weekend and post back my findings here.

Was playing level 6 "Behind Enemy Lines" and during it, my computer rebooted. Last I looked memory usage for WFTOGame.exe was over 6m, not sure of the exact number.

I ran the game in a window so that I could watch the Windows resource monitor and see how much RAM was being used while playing. Just finished playing campaign level 4 "Shades of Grey". Total memory "in use" was at 7558 MB right at the end of the level, and the exe file WFTOGame.exe was 6,989,004 (kb). Level played flawlessly.

I played all 4 in a row. Next time I play, I will check memory usage in task manager occasionally while playing to see how much ram is being used. If it does reboot, I will get the log file and post it as well.

I made it into the 4th campaign level before it rebooted. Thought for sure it was fixed. Much better than before, where I couldn't even finish a single level.

Can you post when the new patch goes live on Steam?