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Weird - you guys might want to make a new post on this - The problem I initially opened has been safely fixed for me 8 Month ago! I suppose it is a different issue.

This looks quite similar to something I posted before. Good to know others have this issue as well.

My Post:

Guess V0id will see this sooner or later


We are not talking about the micro-stutters that we had a few patches ago, are we? I don't even know what FPS I currently run on. But I generally don't care for FPS as long as everything flows nicely.

But a different approach to solve this entirely would be to make it increasingly harder to satisfy the needs of a growing army. The Units are, in my opinion, waaaaay too modest in the first place. That units actually visit my realm when I don't even provide basic things like food and a place to sleep is weird.

Make it possible to fail at converting, so that units 'chose' to die rather than changing sides.

Well, these kind of things.

I played a bit longer and ended the game with 30 acolytes and 43 gnarlings alone. As much as I love BIG armys getting there is far too easy :>

True, it's not all units that stop working and never have been.

The initial loading time is also similar on my end, and basically after the minimap loads the fight ensues.

On my end it is mainly imps that stop functioning properly, similar to what you wrote about them flailing around and not beeing able to pick up corpes/KO'd units. They wont claim ground or farm gold or whatever imps also do. Also, for me, half of my imps just stand around and dont do anything. Sometimes they wake up after beeing slapped, mostly not.

What occurs on my end, and somhow not on yours, is that the fighting units attacking very much less frequent than they should. It looks like their brains are working at maybe 15% capacity, so their decision making to attack or run away is veeeeeeery slow.

Okay I got to it and broke the game again.

I restarted the game completely 2 times and loaded into the map to make sure the issue is persistent.

Having a further look into it, I believe the error comes from simply too many actors for the AI/game to handle, thus breaking down. (As I mentioned before my army is quite huge)

I hope I got the correct files - If so you should be starting right into a battle at the center of the map, mainly vs the blue AI. There are quite a few imps around the flag doing nothing. You could also wait a Minute and try to summon a few more imps into the battle to pick up KO'd enemys or whatever.

split worlds_20160101154932

split worlds_20160101154932.meta


I will see to it as soon as I can.

I don't have a save game for that yet. Since I (and propably everyone else) will be busy via Sylvester I can't promise that I can create one until next week.

Euh well, since I just relax with this and just sink a bit of time into it, I basically reeeaaaally drag out the games.

I built a map for that looks quite like the Bloodied Colosseum that you Spotlighted - but with less gold, less space in the center and a goldshrine there. To enforce a lot of 4-way fighting about it.

I do capture and torture a lot what will make my army I suppose bigger than the game can handle, especially if we add the enemys armies to that, plus a loooot of imps on each side. I basically settle with 15 but it seems as if the AI has more.

I never actually take the goldshrine since I use blood money on a lot of creatures I dont want to convert so I can just make sure AI's keep going for it.

So to reproduce I would guess:

- use a map designed for constant fighting to just play for quite a while

- get a very big well trained army while enjoing the constant fighting

- at aroung 45-60min most Units stop acting

- make sure to play vs Master AI!

Also to note:

If I play this map with only 1 AI opponent I get nothing of this error, but 1 AI is waaay to easy

If I shorten it by winning faster I am obviously fine

If I pick certain maps where there is no gold shrine the AI won't function well anyway thus they never get big enough

If the game would hold for about 30 minutes longer I propably would never notice this, since I normally end the game at around 60 - 70 minutes

If you need the map itself tell me how to get it to you.

As for my system, since I forgot to post it before:

Operating System: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1 (7601.win7sp1_gdr.151019-1254)

Language: German (Regional Setting: German)

BIOS: BIOS Date: 10/20/10 09:47:36 Ver: 08.00.10

Processor: AMD FX(tm)-6100 Six-Core Processor (6 CPUs), ~3.3GHz

Memory: 16384MB RAM

Available OS Memory: 16330MB RAM

Page File: 3538MB used, 14837MB available

DirectX Version: DirectX 11

Card name: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti

Thanks a lot. If you need any more information please just ask freely :)