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Sure thing, I'll be giving it a shot latter tonight.

Well as I said I probably can reproduce the bug, so if it helps, I will give it a shot. :)

Glad I could help :)
And now you have me curious what the bug is. XD

Sorry about that, I did not follow the thread when you merged things >_<
That has been fixed
Anyhoo if you need anything else let me know. :)

Yeah figured that having read other posts, but figured the save games might help fix the problem. :)
There should be a save right around when I think the bug kicked in so, here's hoping it helps. :)

Glad I could help, :D
Well in the hopes I can be more helpful.
My creatures were able to attack the priestess, imps were able to drag her body around, I left her to rot for like 20 mins, and when I rebuilt the prison my imps drug her back in.
I was unable to pick her up from the prison, or target her with any spells regardless of if she were in the prison or not.

I am fairly sure I can reproduce the bug original bug,
so if multiple saves from the same game will help I'd be willing to produce them.
(And naturally now that I have offered it will never happen to me again XD)
Not sure if I can reproduce the invisible priestess.

And again thanks for the quick responce. :)

Output Log

Save Group 1
9 belmorne's pass_20160531024235
9 belmorne's pass_20160531024235.meta

Save Group 2
9 belmorne's pass_20160531235721
9 belmorne's pass_20160531235721.meta

Good news is I completed the level. :D
Better news I think I may have found a place to start looking for the bug. (At least mine.)

I followed all the same steps I did in the first 2 play throughs, the only 2 things I did really differently were;
1: Not build a prison.
2: Did not replace earth, at least too much.
3: ????
4: Mission complete. :D

One other tidbit of info.
On the third failed attempt (Sorry I don't have the save for that >_<)
A priestess became invisible and immortal. No idea how or why.
I found her because there was a dot in my prison and I had busily been converting everything pouring through the gate.
Which is why I was unable to complete it the third time.

Thank you for your quick response, and thank you for a really entertaining game :)

PS will keep the save file and give it a third shot now.