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It did not resolve the problem. I've also tried reinstalling the game and still no success. 

The custom campaigns I'm subscribed to are: The original UnderLord - DK1 Remake, Dungeon Keeper 2 - tribute, True Mystical Journey., Rise of Overseers. Dark Crusade Enhanced Edition., and Inhibitors Must Fall. I'm also subscribed to 431 maps, so I will not be listing each one of those individually as that's not practical.

I have deleted the map heroes of the past, and it did not resolve it. I also tried removing all workshop maps, then redownloading them. That also did not work. I do not own any of my own custom maps.

I left the game running for 15mins after it froze from clicking on the custom campaign, and it popped up that the program stopped running. 

I would like to make note that when I try to verify the integrity of the game files, it says, "1 file failed to validate and will be reacquired." But I'm pretty sure it doesn't reacquire it because if I verify the files again it says the same thing.

As for my other PC build and output log, I can not acquire the output log at this time for my girlfriend has it. But the specs are as follows:

CPU: i7 9700K

GPU: 1050TI

RAM: 8gb DDR4