Your comments

I recently tried the level and didnt find any issues.

so i need to ask you some questions to help me out:

Did you, by any chance, block the path for minions with an accidently closed door, ramparts or replacement walls, therefore workers werent able to transport minions or enemies?

What do you mean with you were unable to repair defences? dropping defence parts on them and using the forge spell? Or did you expect you workers will repair them (wich they don't, defences gain health automatically when not attacked for a while)

Did you load a savegame before the issues occured?

Thank you for your help to investigate this issue.

I remember we had that issue when we first published the Map as official Map into the Game.

I thought it was fixed, but it seems it still happens rarely...

I replicated this one. happens as described.


You're right, this happens everytime you complete level 3 and makes all Levels unplayable in the same game session.

replicated that one in internal version 1.4.0b12.

I had this once, too.

Its just a matter of picking up the unit in just the "right" second when something is thrown at it wich would kill it.

very, very hard to replicate (and much harder to get video footage of it)

but it can happen (very rarely)

Its true that artifacts, once placed, can't be picked up (and then deleted with right click)

they can only be deleted by using the delete button (while all other defences/constructs/units can be dismissed by picking up and right clicking)

I honestly don't know don't know if thats really a bug or merely a feature, so i owuld leave it to our sevs to decide if that needs a fix or not.

I did build a Testmap with 2 empire prisons, one with empire units and one with neutral units. After capturing, the Units inside had the "imprisoned" activity and did behave like prisoners should in any way, I wasnt able to cast lightning on them too. I tested that one two times, so I wasn't able to reproduce this one.

This doesnt mean it doesnt exist for you, anyways, i tried this on our latest internal patchbuild, so its likely that it has been fixed somehow during the patches. Feel free to re-report that issue if you still encounter it when patch 1.4 comes out.

i can confirm that the table is missing, and in addtion i can confirm that the table exists on the original version of this map stored on my PC, so something muste have gone wrong when Nano implemented it to the Game.

I was able to reproduce that behaviour.

And it is rather complicated.

I was only able to reproduce the behaviour for the following units:

Gnarling, Augre, Beastmaster and Chunder (all other units didnt do the long march between the gates)

It is true for all gates except the glacial door, where it worked totally fine with all units.

in addition, it happened not in 100% of all tries, but only like 90%, while gnarlings tend to bug out like this more often than Augres, chunders or Beasmasters (those 3 will attack the doors from time to time, while gnarls just run around)

it is not related to the state of the door, so it doesnt matter if its open or closed or ai controlled on the editor.

I was able to reproduce this one.

Map Name changes directly made in Workshop don't take effect in Game.

Map Name changes made in the editor while publishing don't take effect either.

Anyways, reimporting the Map and newly ipublishing it worked for me.

But I think the other ways of changing the map name (namely changing the name while publishing in Editor or changing the name while in workshop) SHOULD definitely work, so this is a bug in my opinion.