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I think that pathfinding thing is quite rare - I'm playing The Under Games since release (somewhere between 15 and 20 hours so far) and I have encountered it twice (maybe it's not AI bug but level bug because it happened on Volta's first level), I'm afraid it may be difficult to replicate.

Unfortunately, I don't have anything more than I have posted above. I'll try to pay attention what I do before bug occurs, but it's difficult to predict such things :). Of things I may add, I haven't trigger rally flag bug on maps other than first one (Volta/Lamash), it happened late in game (after ~1 hour of playing level), on the "islands" that were mostly dug out, maybe it happened when I placed the flag and quickly tried to place it on different tile (I mean "rally all" flag).

The last bug I have mentioned happened once so far, so maybe it's rare issue.

Ok, I've encountered that bug where rally flags can't be placed on random tiles when I was playing 1st level as Lamash, so this bug might be level-related.

Ok, thanks, I thought that Mana Vaults are broken :D. Though, it's good that player can't expand limit infinitely, having like 10 Thunderlings would be so OP.

I've noticed "banshee bug" in 7th mission either, I'll post save and log later, seems like "banshee bug" is more general thing rather than level specific.

Oh, I forgot. Are mana vaults capped? Building more didn't raise my mana capacity beyond 2000 MP.

Strange, after quitting the game, starting it again and loading above save worker dragged him to prison. Seems like AI bug that triggers when game runs for few hours (memory leaks?).

It seems it was GOG Galaxy bug, after updating it to 1.2.34 achievements unlocked properly.

(Like one of the developers of VirtualPC said: "When a bug is not a bug? When it's not our bug.")

Little update - I've finished Lockshackle, went to level selection - Lockshackle had its preview image. I've quit the game, started it, went to level selection in My Pet Dungeon - preview image for Lockshackle is gone.

And another thing, in that level Terror is available, but no Beast Den, so it becomes unhappy after a while (because it has no place to rest).

And quote from screenshot below... Narrator says "worker", so "imp" is intentional or just typo?


I have remembered one more thing about this mission - enemy (heroes') workers can be imprisoned but that's all - I can't cast Blood Money on them, they can't be converted or "cooked" in torture room. I guess they were intended to be like workers/beast - they should die instantly rather than becoming unconscious but something went wrong.


I apologize for lack of response, I had a bit hectic day yesterday (job related stuff). Thank you for your assistance, it's very kind of you and whole team to provide support for game 2 years after its release.