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I've just had a chance to play this level again for myself, and I can confirm that you don't need to destroy both of Korvek's cores to win, only the southern one. In addition, the dialogue/narration for the level will be played as if Korvek was defeated if you only destroy the southern core (i.e. Mendechaus' "one down" and "two down" lines, and Kasita/Draven's reactions to his defeat).

By default it's in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\War For The Overworld\WFTOGame_Data\Translation\GameText.csv

Ok, turns out that there actually IS an evil variant for the Wizard, it's just that the game doesn't always use it when it should.

If a player is using an evil dungeon theme and a Wizard is spawned for them via one of the following methods, then it will incorrectly use the Empire texture:

- The map editor (i.e. it is pre-placed on the map and so is present and under the player's control when the level begins)

- An Overworld Gateway

- Through MightyScript

- Through console commands

Only if a player gets a Wizard through one of the following methods will it correctly switch to the evil unit texture:

- Converted in a Torture Chamber

- Found a Neutral Wizard

As far as I can tell, other Empire units always use the correct texture regardless of circumstances, it's only the Wizard that has this problem.

I've just finished checking the rest of the dungeon themes. It seems to just be Kasita (both the gold and silver variants), Founders/Zeam and Rhaskos that are broken.

I've had this happen once or twice. I've found that just changing the incorrect blocks and then saving again fixes the problem permanently.

@Ryan Cosford

I'd just leave it be if I were you. Either a lot of the problem here has just been poor communication caused by the language barrier, KAT_Editor has some serious entitlement issues, or both. Regardless of which it is, arguing about it isn't going to generate any positive results.

Screenshot didn't upload properly for some reason. Here you go:

Right, I've figured out a workaround for this. For every 3x3 area that has this problem, do the following:

  1. Replace whatever was in the area before with a new Overworld Gateway
  2. Through its right-click menu, set the Overworld Gateway so that it doesn't produce spawns and is destroyable;
  3. Save and quit;
  4. Load the map in the editor again;
  5. Remove the Overworld Gateway;
  6. Place a new Inhibitor - the tooltips should now say "unclaimable".

It's fiddly and tedious, but it works.

I've looked into this a little further, and it turns out it's not just the Inhibitors. For some reason, ANY tile within a particular 3x3 area will always be claimable. For example, I tried replacing one of the affected Inhibitors with a 3x3 area of Sacred Ground tiles, and it was still marked as "claimable". This also results in the strange situation where if an Inhibitor is placed only partially within this 3x3 area, then only part of it will show as being claimable but the rest won't.

The only thing I can think of is that the affected maps used to have Overworld Gateways at these locations before I replaced them with Inhibitors, so maybe it's actually those that are somehow bugged instead.

EDIT: So, I've done some tests and it's definitely the Overworld Gateways. Place down an Overworld Gateway in the map editor, then delete it and place anything else there and it will always show up as claimable unless it's some kind of wall block. Even water/lava/blood/liquid gold/chasms have the problem.

EDIT 2: More tests. Water/lava/blood/liquid gold/chasms/sacred ground all show up in-game as being "claimable" in the tooltips, but workers aren't actually able to claim them. Workers will however claim Inhibitors (even before they're destroyed) and the Phaestian Road (which is supposed to be unclaimable).

I very much doubt it at this stage.