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Creatures not avoiding lava correctly

Ryan Cosford 3 роки тому оновлено Cian Noonan 3 роки тому 9 1 дублікат

updated to 2.0.1 on the 23/06/18 and noticed it primarily on HOG level 2 "Roads" or "Rhodes" anyway the one with the empire pathway and your claiming shrines to find the summoning stone.

Mostly, my imps don't seem to do as good a job avoiding lava as they did prior to the recent patch.

Intelligent minions and ground-based beasts seem to do the same as well.

I noticed that i would have say 20 imps and then after about 5-10 mins i'd be on creatures tab and my imp count was down to about 4.

Will try and post

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have also noticed this happens on every level with lava

same issue i'm facing, its imps (and most creatures) not navigating path around lava correctly.

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Hi Ryan,

Thanks for the report. I've marked this for review by our QA Analyst and I've raised this in our meeting this morning as it's not an isolated report. We'll be getting back to you.



Marked for Review

Hi Insantyz,

Thanks for this report and the video, it certainly shows some very interesting unusual behavior that is difficult to comprehend. The rate of loss of workers is perplexing to say the least and watching the Minimap doesn't show many of them stepping near lava, certainly not in those numbers. However that is the only hazard on the level.

We'll be reviewing this and will try to determine the cause of these workers deaths.




The imps are burning in the lava you can see this in the video by looking at the minimap