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Error in Level Progression indicator for Heart of Gold

JVC 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 10

The menu screen for single player campaigns displays an incorrect progression level for Heart of Gold. I completed Heart of Gold before patch 2.0, but the progress indicator only shows 50% completion. I haven't rechecked the other progression indicators, but the values for the other five indicators seem plausible.

OS: Windows

Version: 7

64 Bit

Ram: 8.00 GB

CPU: Intel core i3 CPU @2.30 Gh

GPU: GeForce 610M

WFTO Build: 2.0 (current build as of 25 April 2018)

Game Version:
Steam Public

Two months to fix a trivial issue and an initial response assuming that the customer is in error. Cian apparently also ignored that several others had also reported the same error on the steam forums. But I guess it is easier to believe that the customer is incompetent.

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Adding the progression file.


Update: Error also affects the simiar indicator for Crucible levels. I've done 21 of those, but nothing is showing on its indicator.


Can you please verify that you have completed the final level of HOG?

Yes, I completed the final level before Patch 2.0. (please see screenshots no. 1 and 2)

FYI: another poster mentioned that the error also applies to Crucible levels. I've completed 21 levels there, but the Crucible indicator doesn't show any progress. (see screenshot no. 3)


Update: I've just replayed level 4 of Heart of Gold. Still no change on the level progression indicator.

Same issue, finished Heart of Gold before 2.0, and it's shown as 50% done after 2.0 upgrade.

Completed - Next Patch

It is good that the bug was fixed, but I regret ever reporting it, since it took 1 month for the programmer to get around to it and another month to add it to a build. 

I know it was a low level issue, but two months. That is not professional. Neither was the initial "are you sure that you actually completed level x" attitude. That is just speaking down to customers.