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game load sticks

welshy 2 месяца назад обновлен Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 4 недели назад 3

when launching the game, the loading screen will stick with no progress to launching the game, stuck on half a bar of loading screen for way too long 

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The first load can take some time, sadly the version of Unit the game runs on doesn't support multi-threading very well so it's not leveraged in loading times. Give it a little while, once you've booted it once it'll be quicker.

i have almot 140 hours on the game, its only recently happened, it worked fine up until then

Hmmm not sure then. Could be fragmentation or degradation of the storage hardware. I've seen a case where a drive was so badly degraded it ran the load time into multiple 10s of minutes

There's not been any changes on our side since 2018 so nothing has changed about the load process in that time.

Perhaps you could try running a few checks to make sure the installation is still valid and the drive is still healthy? Otherwise maybe try installing the game to another drive and giving it a go from there. Worse comes to worse you could try backing up and deleting your user data for the game.

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