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rhoadblock achievement won't unlock

i.lamont 5 år siden oppdatert av anonymous 5 år siden 3

Playing on level 2 of Heart of Gold. I am pretty certain no enemy units slipped past me and the gateway and nearby road were still covered by the fog of war. But when I completed the mission, I was not awarded the rhoadblock achievement. I had unlocked all 12 artifacts.

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Hey i.Iamont,

This is quite strange, could I get you to follow our How to: Submit a Bug Ticket guide.

I'm most interested in your output log from the session where you failed to get the achievement.

I've loaded a saved game and refinished the level. The output log and a new save file from that session is attached.

Thanks for getting back so quickly.



Not a Bug

I've just played the level now and was able to get the achievement. I think you probably just let a unit past without realising.

The Log also shows that the game didn't even attempt to unlock the achievement, so it is very unlikely that you killed all the empire units.

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