The Discord Accord: Full Rules

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The Discord Accord is a set of rules which applies to the Brightrock Games Discord Server, the aim of which is to foster a relaxed and constructive environment to chat about our games (and others) and perhaps even play a few games together or find new friends.

We expect that all community members who make use of this service will follow the rules to the best of their ability.

1. Play Nice

No Abuse, Flaming, Insulting, Baiting or generally being horrible to other community members or companies.

We're all Gamers and we can appreciate that we all have a much more fun if the environment is friendly (read: respectful) to that end we ask that all members of the community respect others and keep their insults to themselves.

We understand it can get heated when you're in a raging battle to determine who's right but devolving into a flamewar never helps anyone. Keep it polite, keep it fun!

2. Be Fair

Respect others, share space, don't post obscene materials or excessive advertisements.

This is a community driven Discord and we welcome all manner of expression. But remember that you're sharing the space with others, while you're free to use the voice chat channels as you see fit try not to hog them. If you need more just ask!

Also to bear in mind that in the public discussions no one wants to hear advertising thrown at them, plus that's not the purpose of this Discord. Please do not advertise products, profiles, steams or anything else... even our own. You can feel free to drop a link every now and then but don't spam!

We also don't welcome obscene, pornographic or generally offensive material or malware.

3. No Spam

Keep the discussion flowing, we don't welcome spam or spam bots. Stay on topic for the channels.

Nothing is worse in a live discussion than having someone derailing the topic with spam. To that end we will not welcome spammers or spam bots. We'll be sure to take actions as fast as we can to address any occurrences and in the future we may introduce admin bots.

We encourage playing games in channels but would recommend off-topic for that purpose. We'd also request that you keep discussions to the appropriate channels (You can see a list below). As always if you feel there is a need for more text channels then let us know and we'll look at getting that done for you!

We'll look to enforce these rules where appropriate with actions ranging from kicks to bans depending on the offense. As always we welcome your input and feedback.

Channel List & Discussion Rules

Text Channel NameDiscussion Rules
WFTO-AnnouncementsAnnouncements regarding WFTO will be made here. Discussion permitted only regarding those announcements.
WFTO-GeneralAll Discussion on anything WFTO Related welcome.
Gaming-GeneralDiscussion on Gaming in General or other games welcome here.
Off-TopicFree for all, discuss whatever you like but remember the general rules!
WFTO-MatchmakingDiscussion reserved for setting up games of WFTO
WFTO-HelpDiscussion only to help people who are having trouble with WFTO

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