Workers AI/Priorities - Cannot claim ground

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As all similar post are "solved" (big joke when you play the game and see the stupid AI...) so I open a new one with video as a proof of bug.

It's not the first time I encounter this issue, so I am quite bored/angry about that as this game seems almost dead (from the POV of patch).

As you can see on this video it's pretty obvious there is a flaw on AI...

The only solution to make a worker claims the ground is to clear some gold block just next to the ground so that when you finish to gather the gold they start claiming the ground all around.

As already mentioned by other players the priorities of tasks should be rework totally.

How many times I did not see workers just changing job without any reason, except stupid priorities ?
Why a worker that is claiming ground must change its job to digging ? WHY ?????

Same for claiming a whole room, sometime (a lot of time ?) they just leave not claimed tiles, still without any reason...


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