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Level 9 Only Getting Billions of Waves of Sappers

PestoPosta 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 12

Not quite sure what I have done to get this bug, or how it has now happened twice, but on level 9 it would seem I have completed every objective, but I am not getting any wave other then billions of sappers...

I start with making a 3x3 Garrison. With a 3x3 room filled with traps.
Top down
3 cannons
cannon, bone chiller, cannon
3 cannons
All rampart except the middle roe, so my imps can grab heroes for the prison & torture chamber.

Waves melt against the defenses.

I use replaces dirt so I get nice 5x5 rooms where possible.

After converting every thing, and a fairly quick battle,
I am now some handful hours latter... I am getting billions of sapper bodies piling up at the hero gate, and am unable to complete the level... so... as entertaining as it is to see billions of bodies pile up... I would like to be able to finish the level... >_<

Game Version:
Steam Public

PS will keep the save file and give it a third shot now.

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Hello Emmoonra

can you please upload an output log? for its location please read:


also if you have save files please upload them as well, they can be found here:

X:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\>our user ID\230190\remote

for a solution to progress i would ask you to play the mission again without saving and loading the game.

we are aware of this and are trying to fix it ASAP and more information is much appreciated

Output Log

Save Group 1
9 belmorne's pass_20160531024235
9 belmorne's pass_20160531024235.meta

Save Group 2
9 belmorne's pass_20160531235721
9 belmorne's pass_20160531235721.meta

Good news is I completed the level. :D
Better news I think I may have found a place to start looking for the bug. (At least mine.)

I followed all the same steps I did in the first 2 play throughs, the only 2 things I did really differently were;
1: Not build a prison.
2: Did not replace earth, at least too much.
3: ????
4: Mission complete. :D

One other tidbit of info.
On the third failed attempt (Sorry I don't have the save for that >_<)
A priestess became invisible and immortal. No idea how or why.
I found her because there was a dot in my prison and I had busily been converting everything pouring through the gate.
Which is why I was unable to complete it the third time.

Thank you for your quick response, and thank you for a really entertaining game :)

that invisible unit pointer is also really helpful, thanks

Glad I could help, :D
Well in the hopes I can be more helpful.
My creatures were able to attack the priestess, imps were able to drag her body around, I left her to rot for like 20 mins, and when I rebuilt the prison my imps drug her back in.
I was unable to pick her up from the prison, or target her with any spells regardless of if she were in the prison or not.

I am fairly sure I can reproduce the bug original bug,
so if multiple saves from the same game will help I'd be willing to produce them.
(And naturally now that I have offered it will never happen to me again XD)
Not sure if I can reproduce the invisible priestess.

And again thanks for the quick responce. :)

Hey = ) I could not reproduce the bug with the save games, but we had a fix targeting this specific issue on the latest public patch ^^

Well as I said I probably can reproduce the bug, so if it helps, I will give it a shot. :)

Completed - Resolved

If you can please feel free to. If you do clear reproduction steps and save files as before will be great.

Sure thing, I'll be giving it a shot latter tonight.