Russian translation is awful

Grief 6 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 6 years ago 6

Immediately after switching the lang tu Russian I've noticed a frustration quuality of the menu translation. For example, in controls sections, I'll try to express it in English, reflecting Russian translation:

'pan camera forward' = 'go ahead camera'

'possession mode mouse invert' = 'mouse time inversion'

I tried to give it a chance during campaign, but subtitles and tooltips are mostly the same. It looks like terrible machine-translation. Some of words are even not translated at all like vault, unclaim and others.

I'd love to help you guys with the correction of these. It would be easy to do if you have some google doc with all current language strings or something like that with ability to users to propose a better translation

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I'm not expert in speaking in English, this can be observed by 'too' misspelled as 'tu' :) But I do translation in the opposite direction much better


Hello Grief

After the original release we added a lot of texts, we have since then used Google translate strings to make a makeshift translation.

Im german, its the same for our language, and im pretty much aware of how bad it is. Currently the plans for HoG and patch 1.4 are a professional german and french translation to update the existing texts,so no russian sorry.

personally i was not happy with the "professional" translation of my language either and the community organised an initiative to make community translations.


if you want to i would be happy to see you there and im sorry for the bad news, this decision is out of my hands naturally.

i will decline this as it is not a bug per se thanks for your report.

Russian translation is totaly awful. It is impossible to play with language set to russian and it is not fair (in steam russian is listed as supported language). And it is bug because you say russian is suported. Moreover how this can be NAB if it is impossible to play with it?

Sorry that the Russian Translation is sub-par. The game and the main campaign was originally translated into Russian for the initial release however since then there's been many updates and no further official translation has been done for new text assets.

Russian is one of four original languages (Russian, Spanish, Italian, Polish) that we had to drop support for due to lack of interest and the limitations of our resources. We updated the store page of each language that was dropped with a new message that stipulates this to potential customers.

"Локализация War for the Overworld на русский язык больше не выполняется в связи с низким интересом игроков. Все содержимое основной игры полностью переведено, но последующий контент будет переводиться с применением машинного переводчика."

Essentially content of the main game (v1.0) is translated but anything introduced after via patches has not been translated. It is for this reason that the Heart of Gold DLC is marked as English, French and German only. We're aware that this isn't ideal for those amongst our community who wish to play the game in their native language as well as potential future customers, but we are unable to continue the translation effort at this time.

To alleviate this we're looking to officially support community driven translation efforts by introducing simpler methods for translating and integrating content. You can read all about that in the thread that Riva linked.

After machine translation some texts are totaly understandable. May be it is better to keep untraslated texts in english? In this case it possible to user to manualy translate.

All text we create is automatically translated into a variety of languages and stored in a CSV file which is used for languages. If you load a language in game that whole language is loaded with no exceptions. Anything which never received an official translation has received machine translations.

Theoretically it's possible to do so by editing the CSV file but I don't think it'd be very easy to identify which rows have received machine translation. (Our internal spreadsheet has this data and we'll be making templates based off this for community translation)