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Heart of Gold LVL 4: loading game set it to permanent pause - UI disappears

Arnizipal 4 weeks ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 3 weeks ago 1


I've run into some issues when trying to load savegames from within the game.
When I load from the menu everything works fine, but when I try to load a game while in a dungeon, it doesn't work properly.
The level loads, but it doesn't "activate" so to speak. Every creature and enemy just remains in place, and the UI doesn't load.
Unfortunately this also means the game can't be correctly closed (I have to manually stop it from Steam each time).

This happens most on LVL4 from Heart of Gold (see example savegame in attachment).

Additionally, when finishing the level (and the game) and reloading the savegame, it camera gets stuck on a weird angle and slowly moved.
This can't be counteracted. It will always reset itself to this.

And finally: I've painstakingly protected the hero portals to get the achievement on this level, but when I finish it with all portals intact, the achievement won't activate.

I'm running version V2.0.8 On Windows 7 

Can you look into this issues?



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