Enemy gold Colossus picks up gold too quickly, causing massive lag

Kylearean 2 months ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 4 weeks ago 1

Noticed in Crucible, Fireside:

At later waves, when the gold colossus spawns from gate 2, if its path of destruction takes it near a treasury or piles of gold, it will suck these up and hold them underneath itself, constantly cycling through the pile at its feet -- and seems to collect gold infinitely (i.e., not just for healing), just collecting everything.    This, amazingly, does not crash the game, but slows the frame rate to 1 (CPU limited, looking at other sections of the FOV doesn't provide any advantage unlike graphical lag-causing features).     

If you're playing an aureate monolith method to hoard gold for your Midas doors, this poses a real risk of lagging the game to unplaybility.   

  • Specify your platform
    • Window 10 home
    • 64 bit
      • 16 GB RAM
      • i7-6700 4.0 GHz (not overclocked)
      • NVIDIA 1070 FTW (EVGA), latest graphics drivers installed.
  • Build: v2.0.8 (not sure of additional build information) 

Recommendation:  Reduce the update speed (add a delay?) of the gold cycling of the collected gold under the enemy colossus' feet, or only permit it to collect enough gold needed to heal / restore shield. 

Game Version:
Steam Public

Definitely a problem and one that's been known for a while. I'll make sure this is in our backlog and ask if we can investigate when we next do a pass on WFTO.