Frame rate capped/stuttery in main menu and veins of evil selection grid on AMD cards.

Tute 3 weeks ago 0

Hi all.

I'm experiencing a weird bug where my frame rate seems to be capped at 24fps in the main menu and whilst using the veins of evil grid. When playing the game itself my framerate is fine. I have tried swapping my AMD 5700XT for an nVidia 2070 and the problem goes away so i'm assuming it's something the AMD drivers are doing. It does not make the game unplayable, but the mouse pointer lags significantly meaning that it's difficult to navigate the main menu.

My specs are:

Ryzen 2700X at stock

Asus Crosshair VIII Impact

32GB DDR4 @ 3200MHz

Powercolor/AMD 5700XT Red Dragon at stock

1TB Intel 600p SSD

Windows 10 x64 (however it does the same thing in Linux Kubuntu 20.04)

I also run the game with an Acer XF270HU monitor with Freesync enabled at 40-144Hz. Vsync is turned off, turning it on makes no difference, nor does disabling Freesync. I'm running the latest AMD drivers but this has been happening for a while now, going back at least half a dozen recent driver packages.


Game Version:
Steam Public