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campaign level 1 "Awakening" room bug

sterlingrhyme24 10 months ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 10 months ago 1

the A Real Keeper achevment does not work i have made  a  of the Barracks, Lair and Slaughterpen evry time ive played the misson and the last 3 times i have done so the achevment has not flagged (actvated) or what ever else it is called plz fix triing to get all dungeon unlocks this hampers this goal so plz fix as soon as you are able

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You need to build a 5x5 version of each of the rooms indicated. I just tried the achievement myself and can confirm that it works as intended are you sure you built a 5x5 version of the Barracks, Lair and Slaughterpen?

If you press scroll lock you can bring up the console that will confirm when the conditions are achieved.