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Issues with GOG Galaxy sync feature

Dane Georgijevski 2 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 3 months ago 7

Hello, as one of your backers I'd like to congratulate you on an awesome game, apart from the rocky start you guys really pulled through. As for the problem it's my second copy of your game on GOG.

When starting a custom campaign bundled with the game, the game itself unpacks all the content in the "War For The Overworld\GameData\Maps\Saves" folder which using only one extra campaign inflates the folder size from 40mb to 200mb which in turn breaks the Galaxy Client's sync feature with syncing taking forever and in the end failing.
Unpacking all the custom campaigns goes up to 560mb with Galaxy when failing to sync alerts that the save games exceed the 400mb cloud space allocated to it.
The worst part is that while trying to sync the Galaxy app hogs so much bandwidth that every program requiring internet access fails - Steam loses connection to servers, you can't even open an web page, even the Galaxy client itself loses connectivity during the sync process. To make matters worse all devices on my local network have connectivity issues while GOG Galaxy tries and constantly fails to sync.
I'm guessing the problem appears because the custom campaign data gets unpacked in the saves folder where the Galaxy client is unable to differentiate real save game data and the content from custom campaigns.
Not sure why it uses so much bandwidth making my home network unusable, maybe because it tries to upload/download 200-560mb of data every time.
Current solution would be to not use sync or the Galaxy client, but it would be nice to have your saves backed up and being able to play community content.

Steps to reproduce:

Unpack the custom campaigns in the designated folder "War For The Overworld\GameData\Maps", go into the game and select Custom Campaigns which will unpack all the data to your "War For The Overworld\GameData\Maps\Saves" folder, then exit the game and watch as the Galaxy client struggles to Sync.

I have issued the same ticket to the GOG Galaxy staff as I think the problem could be solved by both sides, either separate the real save game data and the user made content or to better define which files the client needs to upload.

Thanks for your help.

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GOG Galaxy
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Hi Dane,

This is a really interesting issue, following your steps I totally replicated it and honestly I'm not sure why the .cmpgn file unpacks into /saves certainly a problem waiting to happen! 

The good news is that I managed to find what I believe is a workaround for your immediate issue. Once you have unpacked a campaign following your steps exit out of the custom campaign menu and then cut and paste the levels from the campaign from "/maps/saves" to "/maps/" you have to do this while the game is running to ensure that GOG either syncs the removal or does not sync the new unpacked files. Once this has been done you should be able to go into the custom campaign menu and it will not unpack again, leaving your /saves/ folder empty.

The less good news is that the underlying issue (that the campaigns unpack into saves) will require further fixing on our side as far as I can tell. So I'll be putting this ticket into our backlog for future triage. It'll probably be a while until it gets seen to but I agree it does need a fix. For now you'll have to do the above for each campaign.

I'm pretty confident that this isn't something the GOG Team need to address on their side. But as it's not particularly my area I can't really say for certain. I'd be interested to know if they ever got back to you.

Hopefully that helps you in the meantime.




Thanks for getting back and for the info how to handle it.

The GOG stuff didn't contact me, I always had great support there, but the Galaxy client support page looks like a big mess, so I don't know how they prioritize things.

I made a ticket for the GOG client primarily because it would choke my connection while it would try to upload the bloated saves folder, Steam would go offline, the browser would stop functioning, even the Wi-Fi adapter would lose connection during synchronization.

First I thought my router of Wi-Fi card were failing until I tracked down the problem so I made two tickets, one I sent you because how the game managed mods and another because how the sync process would break my whole network.

Thanks again for bringing us DK back  :)

Completed - Next Patch

This should be fixed in an upcoming update :)

I was surprised to see a reply after so long, great work guys.

Not regretting buying the game twice :D